WIBO Week 4 – Promoting Your Business

If you’ve been following my WIBO blog posts, you’ll notice that we’ve been learning a lot about marketing in WIBO’s “How to Grow a Profitable Business” class. In other words, marketing is the foundation of your business, whether you sell music or magazines.

You may have a stunning product or service, but if no one knows about it, no one will know about it. Marketing is how you tell the world who you are, and what you are offering. Everyone has their own methods for marketing: promotional materials, the internet, cold calling, email, PR, etc, and now I’m learning how to find and target the people who want what I have to offer.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that the WIBO course in my neighborhood of Washington Heights was sold out, so instead of a 4-block walk, I have an hour commute to get to class. The thing is, I now LOVE my class in the South Bronx. My coursemates are fascinating (mostly female), and we’re located practically across the street from a police station and a subway. Every Monday evening finds me very excited and ready to go to my WIBO class – and I’ve already seen improvement in my business life! Thank you, WIBO!

For more info on Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO), visit http://WIBO.org.

Author: Moxie Maven

Carla Lynne Hall is a social media specialist and trainer in New York City with over 12 years of experience in online and social media marketing and training. She runs Moxie Maven Marketing, a social media and internet marketing agency which creates content and online marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Moxie Maven Marketing sponsors Summer Business School, a series of summer marketing courses for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Carla is also the author of Twitter for Musicians, and co-author of Musician’s Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter.

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