Internet Famous VIP Small Business Saturday Sale


For my small business and entrepreneur clients, I’m also having an Internet Famous VIP sale on workshops and coaching packages.

After Thanksgiving’s “Black Friday” holiday which encourages shoppers to pack malls at ungodly hours, I really appreciate “Small Business Saturday”, which encourages consumers to support their local mom and pop shops. Analysts at Civic Economics have determined that for every $100 spent at local small businesses, $68 returns to the community.

American Express created Small Business Saturday in 2010 to help their small business account holders better promote their brick-and-mortar stores, offering free resources for businesses. This event has grown over the past few years, and I’m excited for the small business owners who take advantage.

Check out the Internet Famous VIP SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY SALE!

Announcing HMJ: The HOME Music Biz Marathon

Your HOME Music Biz Marathon

Inspired by last year’s Couch By Couchwest Home Music Conference, this year I decided to host HMJ, The HOME Music Biz Marathon, which I’ll run from the comfort of my laptop from Oct 15-20th, the same time as CMJ Music Marathon comes here to NYC.

So if you can’t come to CMJ’s music biz panels, I’m coming to you!

The HMJ Music Biz Marathon will feature:

* A DAILY telecall series for “The 5 C’s of the New Music Biz”.

* A NIGHTLY Webinar presentation demonstrating music marketing strategies that can be used immediately.

* Coverage of random CMJ events here in NYC

All telecalls webinars are free, and will be recorded. To get the replays, sign up at

Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity

Internet Famous Logos

**** is offering a special 45 minute “Sneak Peek” of my new “Internet Famous” class on April 20th in NYC – woo hoo!****

Ever want to be a celebrity for fun, or profit?

Creating an online persona can bring you and your work the visibility that you need to promote your products and services.

This class will teach you how to use social media, internet marketing techniques, and a bit or psychology to promote yourself, and your products and services. In addition, we’ll share case studies from online celebrities to show you how they did it, and inspire your own journey towards internet fame.

This class is being taught as part of the Penny Conference Morning Master Classes. All proceeds from this class will be donated to Pencils of Promise.

This special “sneak peek” class will only be offered on April 20th at 9am, for Skillshare’s Penny Conference. Click here to visit the class page

Internet Famous VIP Intensive Program

Wanna be Internet Famous?? Announcing my new VIP Intensive Program at

“Internet Famous VIP Intensives” is the name of my brand-spanking new program for artists and entrepreneurs who want personalized attention and technical assistance with creating their online presence.

You get a private consultation day with me to work out a customized marketing plan, as well as a technical team (graphic/web designers, video editors, virtual assistants, content creators, etc) with the expertise to bring it to life.

You also get follow up calls with me at 30, 60, and 90 days to keep you on track, so it’s like getting an online marketing coach AND a virtual team of your own!

Whenever I do private consultations, I notice that clients often need help with the technical details such as graphic and web design, video editing, content creation. This package also includes a team of technical assistants so you don’t have to pull out your hair doing it all by yourself ;-). I’m quite excited about this program!!

The price is $2500 for a full-day consultation, tech help from my team, and 3 follow up calls.

If you just want to go straight to the PayPal page to purchase, just click:

Social Media Classes NYC

It’s time for more Social Media Classes in NYC!

I’ve been having a great time teaching my classes via I’ve met tons of interesting people, and my teaching chops can’t help but get better. The folks at Skillshare must agree, as I’ve just been awarded a “Master Teacher” designation. How cool is that?

Everyone today is on some social media platform. Teenagers on TikTok, influencers and small businesses on Instagram and Facebook, or professionals on LinkedIn – social media is the first option that comes to mind when looking for expanding connections in any field, now you can work with businesses like SocialBoosting to start growing your account with more audience with views and likes.

Social media – if used intelligently – can bring in loads of success. Since it is the best form of direct contact with the target audience, these platforms have what it takes to make anyone’s life better. To understand this better, here are ten aspects that reflect the importance of social media in today’s world.

It is next to impossible to meet your friends and relatives every day in today’s world of increasing stress and workload. However, dropping a short text asking about their day or sharing your achievements are a few ways you can still maintain healthy contact with your close ones or corporate colleagues. Social media platforms have effectively bridged this communication gap.

In our daily lives, we may not necessarily be surrounded by people who think in the same direction as we do. A difference in opinion is bound to occur. However, we can share our opinions safely and even find people online who think the same way as us on social media platforms. It even paves the way to gaining a strong voice for the situations you feel are essential to discuss and have a fruitful discussion.

So here are the next sessions:

Social Media Branding 101, aka “Social Media Superhero”
Wednesday, March 14th

Social Media Branding 201, aka “Social Media Ninja”
Wednesday, March 28th

Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard

My favorite social media time management tool is the Hootsuite social media dashboard. Hootsuite enables me to manage multiple social media networks so it seems like I’m on social media all the time. Their free version lets you manage up to 5 social networks, so don’t do it all yourself!

I recently picked up these flannel PJs from Target, which my roommate Tym Moss dubbed my “Hootsuite Flannel PJs”. As much as I love social media, he may have a point!

Nick & Nora Flannel PJs from Target

SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series in January 2012

Lady Gaga Live

If you are a singer, songwriter, musician, or band seeking success in music without a record deal, the new 4-part SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series is for YOU!

From choosing the right songs, to creating compelling performances, to building a list of fans, to creating a multiple streams of music income, it takes deliberate steps to become a self-sustaining musician. Each session of the SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series focuses on one aspect of your music business, based on the “4 C’s of the New Music Business: CREATE, CAPTURE, CONNECT & CASH”, the groundbreaking music entrepreneur framework developed by musician, entrepreneur, and music marketing specialist, Carla Lynne Hall.

Depending on your needs, you can sign up for individual workshops or the entire series. Each session offers strategies and case studies from musicians who have created a successful career in music without getting signed.

SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series

CREATE: Set the Stage for Music Success – Thursday, January 12th, 2012

CAPTURE: Find Your 1000 True Fans – Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

CONNECT: Music Marketing Machine – Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

CASH: Make Money From Your Music – Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

You’ll learn:

• Why some musicians are successful, and others are “starving artists”

• How to connect with your audience so that they pay attention

• How to develop multiple streams of music income

• How to get your music used in movies and TV shows

• The only 3 ways to build your music business

The goal of this workshop series is to provide participants with **at least** one strategy can used immediately to grow their music businesses.

HOLIDAY FAST ACTION GIFT BONUS: Before December 26th, register for entire workshop series for $100. After Dec 25th, the price of the entire series will be $120.

Before December 26th, the price of an individual workshop is $30. After December 25th, the price of an individual workshop returns to $40.




“Carla Lynne Hall is the real expert on online music marketing these days.”
– Derek Sivers, creator of CD Baby

“Carla Lynne Hall is an amazing strategist. Her blog is wonderful too!”
– Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR, and Co-Author of Musicians’ Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter.

“Carla Lynne Hall is like your cool-ass aunt that gives you the real deal about the music business.”
– Darrell McNeill, Executive Director, Black Rock Coalition

“Carla, thank you for speaking at our Networking Meeting. What made your appearance so special was that, not only did you provide information on sources of income that many songwriters may not have considered, but you did it with ‘heart’. I thank you for giving so much of yourself.” – Bob Leone, Former Projects Director, Songwriters Hall of Fame

“Working with Carla was such an amazing experience, and I feel that it has provided me with a great foundation to base my musical career! I also want to mention the tremendous help she has been. Not only is she an amazing artist but an amazing person!”
– Stephen Carmichael,

“Carla my experience with you has been AMAZING! Your positive attitude is infectious. Thanks to you, I’m thinking of starting my own blog! I’ve learned so much about online presence, and I will take that knowledge with me.” – Marissa Z., Music Industry Major

“Carla, thank you so much for your insights – you really have inspired me to get into music on a professional basis.”
– Emma W., songwriter

“Carla Lynne Hall is without doubt the musician’s best friend! She operates with the three things I admire most: true professionalism, complete openness, and nurturing support. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – Sean T. Wright,

“Carla is great to work with. Her personal, upfront, and honest opinion is worth its weight in gold.”
– Zak, Isaac’s Aircraft,

Personalized Songs Give the Gift of Song!

Now that the 2012 Holiday Season is upon us, do you know what that means? Yes – that means it’s also Personalized Song Season!

If you’re looking for a special gift for the person who has everything, why not have me write a personalized song for him or her?

I consider it a great honor to write music for your special day, and I look forward to writing more personalized songs. So keep me in mind, as personalized songs can be commissioned for every occasion, such as:

* Wedding Anniversary
* Mother’s/Father’s Day
* Engagement
* Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Sweet Sixteen
* Baby’s First Lullaby
* Personalized Children’s Song
* Wedding
* Valentine’s Day
* Retirement
* Birthday
* Memorial
* Anything else you can think of!

If you’re interested in having a personalized song written, send an email via my contact form, and I’ll respond asap.

Happy Holidays!