Small Business Email Marketing: Computers vs Humans

Small business email marketing is a skill that every entrepreneur needs, and I’m so pleased to post this guest blog by Angela Wills. I’ve been enjoying lessons from Angela  for a while now, and when I received this article in an email blast, I couldn’t wait to share it you. Enjoy!

Computers vs Humans
by Angela Wills,

Ever wish you had a robot that would do your laundry, wash the floors and take out the trash?

Me too, but I think we’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

In the meantime, did you know that you can assign your computer plenty of email marketing jobs that are currently stealing your valuable time?

My email service provider program is one of the most important pieces of software in my whole entire business and I don’t believe I’d ever be where I am today without it.

I wanted to share what you can actually do with one of these programs, and how it can help you build your business beyond what you’re currently doing.

So, let’s compare ‘Computers vs. Humans’

1. Signing People Up…
We humans can add other humans to our email lists but it takes time and organization.

A one-time setup from the humans and the computer software can add new people to a business funnel without any effort from the human.

2. Sending Emails…..
Can send maybe 30 personalized emails in a half-hour. If working at a crazy-fast speed of 1 email per minute!

Can send thousands of personalized emails in minutes.

3. Sending Emails 24 Hours Per Day…
Can’t do it, we need to sleep sometime!

Can send emails anytime, on any schedule, while we humans are sleeping.

4. Following Up After a Specific Time Period…
If we set up reminders and stay diligent we can follow-up with a limited number of potential customers.

Set up as an autoresponder, a computer can follow-up to an unlimited number of potential customers and customers for an unlimited period of time!

5. Keeping Up With Social Media…
We can stress and strain to keep up with blogging, email marketing, twitter and facebook to make sure we are touching all potential marketing streams.

Can automatically send our blog posts to email and send our emails to twitter and facebook – with a one-time setup from the humans.

There you have five things computers can do that humans are inefficient or incapable of doing.

Of course computer email software can do much more than what I’ve touched on, including:

  • tracking clicks and sales
  • sending HTML Newsletters
  • creating great looking signup forms
  • segmenting emails into groups
  • and more…

All of this technology helps your business because you can reach more people with YOUR important message, and make more sales.

But it’s no good if you don’t actually use it Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not recommending you totally ‘computerize’ your business AT ALL. I want you to give your business a VERY human touch when it matters and never make your customers feel like you don’t care. That’s WHY I recommend the software and automation — so you have time to really pay proper attention to your paying customers.

About Angela Wills:

Angela Wills got herself an internet connection in 1996, built her first website in 1999 and has been amazed by the power of the internet to build lasting relationships ever since. Angela, a single mom at the time, started her virtual assistance business in 2006 while still working a full-time afternoon’s factory job. Moonlighting and working on little sleep made it essential for Angela to learn how to take smart shortcuts and work effectively to get results. Taking that experience, coupled with the skills developed while working with hundreds of clients and customers, Angela created Marketers Mojo.

With Marketers Mojo, Angela aims to help other small business owners like herself save time, make money and build a business they truly love.

Visit Angela Online at for real online business marketing help.

On July 26th, 28th and August 2nd Angela’s going to be teaching a limited group of students everything they need to know about using Aweber to build their online business.

So, if you’d like to join sign up now. There are only 25 spots available so that there’s time for individual attention during the webinars. You can get info and sign up at

AND Angela has generously offered Moxie Maven Marketing readers a $20 OFF Discount! Use Coupon Code: email

Human vs Robot Photo Source: Chill Out Point

Introducing Summer Business School!

For the past two months, I have been steadily working on a new venture, Summer Business School

Summer Business School is an 8-week online marketing course created to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to market their business online.

As it’s Summertime, this course offers convenient course modules, available in audio, video, and written form, so you can take the lessons with you on your smartphone or iPod. There will be a weekly group call, which will be recorded and available as an mp3 replay. There is also an online forum so participants can get direct help from me, as well as other coursemates. There is power in community, and we will BRING IT!

The promotional website at is what’s called a “Product Launch” site, which will feature a series of free tutorial videos offering strategies that you can use in your business right now. The “cutting edge” technology involved in building this site has enabled many online marketers to automate building their list, and selling products, and I’m excited to be using it to launch this online course.

As announced in the first tutorial video, I’m holding a video contest for a consultation package. Online video is a great way to bring exposure for your business, so I’m daring you all to make one!

50 spots in Summer Business School will be available for sale during the “launch period” of July 20-27th only, but in the meantime check out the video tutorials at If you like these fun videos, you’ll LOVE the course!!

Wedding Cake Taste-Off Promo Video

The Moxie Maven Team are getting ready to rock the upcoming Wedding Cake Taste-Off, on July 10th at Riverside Church’s Assembly Hall.

Here’s a promo video made with CharLena Pearson-Fulcher, author of New York City Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, and co-host of the event.

Making this little video was a lot of fun. I’m considering sharing the outtakes!

Congratulations WIBO Spring 2011 Graduates!!


This past Monday night was the Spring 2011 graduation for Workshop in Business Opportunities (aka WIBO) Entrepreneurs. The 16 week “Start a Growing, Profitable Business” Workshop has just celebrated its 45th year in existence, and is poised to expand from New York City’s 9 locations to BEYOND.

This year I was only expecting to be a backup group leader at the Washington Heights location, and covered for Larry Feldman, the main group leader, for weeks 2-4. However, the Washington Heights class was filled with inspiring people and ideas, and revisiting the WIBO material served to improve my business further. So when Larry asked if I’d be interested in coming back for the remainder of the classes, my answer was a resounding “YES!” In fact, I’m looking forward to returning in the fall semester as Washington Height’s co-leader.

It has been a special honor and privilege to serve these aspiring and established entrepreneurs reaching for their goals, and I wish much success to this semester’s graduates of WIBO!

The Spring 2011 Washington Heights WIBO Class!

For more information on Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO), please visit

Are there any reputable schools teaching internet marketing?

I recently answered this question on Yahoo! Answers, and was voted “Best Answer”! Woo Hoo!

Woo hoo!

Q: Are there any reputable schools teaching internet marketing?

Few questions. 1) is ecommerce the same as internet marketing? 2)are there any good schools with any credibility that teach these? 3)are any on campus?

Ive searched and am bogged down with the affiliate marketers pages.

I know full sail has a program but is that a real school? will employers recognize it?

Oh. I live in san diego and would like to do an on campus here in sd.

thanks in advance

My Answer: Hi There!

To answer your questions: 1) eCommerce primarily applies to the methods used to sell products and services online (such as shopping cart software). Internet marketing refers to the methods used to build visibility for a product or service. Internet marketing methods include anything from building a website to writing articles, to other methods that have yet to be invented.

2) As for schools that offer an official degree, Full Sail seems to be the only school really promoting it. The thing is, I wouldn’t recommend an internet marketing degree, because the best internet marketing methods change every year, and in my experience, it is impossible for an institution to keep up with the “bleeding-edge” tools and tricks.

If it’s the actual degree you want/need, I’d recommend going for a business, marketing, or entrepreneurial degree, but learning internet marketing on your own. Internet marketing is a skill that is learned by doing, not just reading theory.

When I first got started, I took a free online course called the “Thirty Day Challenge”, in which each day you watched video tutorials that showed you how an online tool worked, and then you had to apply it to your own goal of making $1 online. The Thirty Day Challenge is now just called “The Challenge”, so you can take it at your own pace. I highly recommend it for learning internet marketing strategies. Visit

3) Not sure if any of the internet marketing degrees are offered anywhere but on the internet 😉 You may have to keep looking, but as I said, seek out a related major, then teach yourself the techniques via eBooks and online courses.

If you’re college age, a potential employer may only offer you an internship (unpaid) anyway, UNLESS you have already gotten results (made money) for yourself or others. So you might as well learn how to use internet marketing on your own to get those results.

The irony is, once you’ve mastered the in-demand skill of internet marketing, you may not want to finish school OR work for anyone else.

Good luck!

Carla L. Hall
Moxie Maven Marketing

WIBO Week 16: Personal Finance

So I’m finally completing my final WIBO blog post for Week 16 on Personal Finance – only 5 months late! 😉

While a participant of WIBO’s “Start a Growing, Profitable Business” Workshop at the South Bronx location, I was recruited to become a WIBO workshop leader and began training (hmm, I’m starting to see a trend here…), so the first time I “took” WIBO’s Week 16, it was actually my debut as a WIBO Course Leader, so I actually led that class. For this go ’round of Week 16, I was again a WIBO Course Leader at the Washington Heights location, but since I was a Co-Leader with Larry Feldman, I had another opportunity to study this lesson.

As Week 16 is about personal finance, we learned how personal finances affect our businesses. We discussed financial management “best practices”, and learned the formula for determining net worth:


Our visiting Discussion Leader was a NY Life Insurance Broker who didn’t believe in budgets. Okay, he didn’t say that exactly, but he did say that it’s nearly impossible for people to stick with an ambitious budget that affects their lifestyle. Instead, he recommends that you decide on a set amount for your savings or investment plan, pay yourself first each month, and then move on with your life!

And now that I’ve finally posted this Week 16 blog post, I can move on with this blog – haha! See you at the WIBO Graduation on June 13th!!!

The Spring 2011 Washington Heights WIBO Class!

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