SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series in January 2012

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If you are a singer, songwriter, musician, or band seeking success in music without a record deal, the new 4-part SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series is for YOU!

From choosing the right songs, to creating compelling performances, to building a list of fans, to creating a multiple streams of music income, it takes deliberate steps to become a self-sustaining musician. Each session of the SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series focuses on one aspect of your music business, based on the “4 C’s of the New Music Business: CREATE, CAPTURE, CONNECT & CASH”, the groundbreaking music entrepreneur framework developed by musician, entrepreneur, and music marketing specialist, Carla Lynne Hall.

Depending on your needs, you can sign up for individual workshops or the entire series. Each session offers strategies and case studies from musicians who have created a successful career in music without getting signed.

SELL YOUR MUSIC! Workshop Series

CREATE: Set the Stage for Music Success – Thursday, January 12th, 2012

CAPTURE: Find Your 1000 True Fans – Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

CONNECT: Music Marketing Machine – Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

CASH: Make Money From Your Music – Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

You’ll learn:

• Why some musicians are successful, and others are “starving artists”

• How to connect with your audience so that they pay attention

• How to develop multiple streams of music income

• How to get your music used in movies and TV shows

• The only 3 ways to build your music business

The goal of this workshop series is to provide participants with **at least** one strategy can used immediately to grow their music businesses.

HOLIDAY FAST ACTION GIFT BONUS: Before December 26th, register for entire workshop series for $100. After Dec 25th, the price of the entire series will be $120.

Before December 26th, the price of an individual workshop is $30. After December 25th, the price of an individual workshop returns to $40.




“Carla Lynne Hall is the real expert on online music marketing these days.”
– Derek Sivers, creator of CD Baby

“Carla Lynne Hall is an amazing strategist. Her blog is wonderful too!”
– Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR, and Co-Author of Musicians’ Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter.

“Carla Lynne Hall is like your cool-ass aunt that gives you the real deal about the music business.”
– Darrell McNeill, Executive Director, Black Rock Coalition

“Carla, thank you for speaking at our Networking Meeting. What made your appearance so special was that, not only did you provide information on sources of income that many songwriters may not have considered, but you did it with ‘heart’. I thank you for giving so much of yourself.” – Bob Leone, Former Projects Director, Songwriters Hall of Fame

“Working with Carla was such an amazing experience, and I feel that it has provided me with a great foundation to base my musical career! I also want to mention the tremendous help she has been. Not only is she an amazing artist but an amazing person!”
– Stephen Carmichael,

“Carla my experience with you has been AMAZING! Your positive attitude is infectious. Thanks to you, I’m thinking of starting my own blog! I’ve learned so much about online presence, and I will take that knowledge with me.” – Marissa Z., Music Industry Major

“Carla, thank you so much for your insights – you really have inspired me to get into music on a professional basis.”
– Emma W., songwriter

“Carla Lynne Hall is without doubt the musician’s best friend! She operates with the three things I admire most: true professionalism, complete openness, and nurturing support. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – Sean T. Wright,

“Carla is great to work with. Her personal, upfront, and honest opinion is worth its weight in gold.”
– Zak, Isaac’s Aircraft,

“How to Be a Social Media Superhero!” on Joyce Barrie & Friends Internet Radio Show


This morning, November 9th at 11am, I’ll be giving a talk, “How to Be a Social Media Superhero!” on the Joyce Barrie & Friends show. This will be my SIXTH time appearing as her guest – I’m practically a regular! 😉 It’s always fun to do her show too, as she never lets me leave without singing a song!

Tune in at where you can also log into the live chat room.


About Joyce Barrie & Friends:
Stimulating talk, news you can use and ways to stay home, have FUN and make more money. Motivation, inspiration, and education. Positive, happy thoughts to improve your life, health, and finances. Take positive actions to create a gratifying lifestyle. Life Lessons from me, your host, Joyce Barrie, straight from the Coach’s Corner and some valuable insights and specific recommendations about having a lucrative, home business. And not to be missed, our special friend(s) each and every day to motivate and inspire you to have what you want in ALL areas of your life.

Social Media Branding Workshops Teach Ninja Secrets of Online Networking Success!



Moxie Maven Marketing
Carla Lynne Hall

(August 29, 2011 – New York, NY) –  Moxie Maven Marketing announces a Social Media Branding Workshop series that teaches small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses, and build their networks online. The workshops will be held on September 8th and 14th at The Hive at 55, Lower Manhattan’s Coworking Space in New York City. These workshops are offered at beginning and intermediate levels of learning.

While most entrepreneurs are already using Facebook and Twitter in their daily and personal life, using social media for business requires a different skillset. Developed by Carla Lynne Hall of Moxie Maven Marketing, this workshop series teaches best practices of social media marketing, as well as business branding skills that can be used online and offline.

Social Media Branding 101, to be held on September 8th, is good for beginners interested in learning how to use social media to expand their business online, especially:

  • Small business owners who are new to online marketing
  • Social media beginners who want to learn more about the possibilities of Facebook and Twitter
  • Anyone who wants to learn social media marketing skills to gain more business

Social Media Branding 201, to be held on September 14th, is for advanced social media mavens who want specific strategies to grow their network:

  • How to focus and transmit your online brand
  • How to build your targeted “Hot List”
  • How to curate killer content
  • Carla’s Facebook Ninja Strategy

Each workshop is limited to 20 participants, and costs $25 per person. Pre-registration is required to attend these classes via Enrollment in both workshops is optional

“I’m very excited about these workshops,” says Ms. Hall, “The goal is for everyone who attends to leave the classroom with at least one social media tactic or strategy that they can use in their business immediately.”

More information about this workshop series can be found at

Carla Lynne Hall can be contacted at 347-735-8145 or


Introducing Summer Business School!

For the past two months, I have been steadily working on a new venture, Summer Business School

Summer Business School is an 8-week online marketing course created to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners how to market their business online.

As it’s Summertime, this course offers convenient course modules, available in audio, video, and written form, so you can take the lessons with you on your smartphone or iPod. There will be a weekly group call, which will be recorded and available as an mp3 replay. There is also an online forum so participants can get direct help from me, as well as other coursemates. There is power in community, and we will BRING IT!

The promotional website at is what’s called a “Product Launch” site, which will feature a series of free tutorial videos offering strategies that you can use in your business right now. The “cutting edge” technology involved in building this site has enabled many online marketers to automate building their list, and selling products, and I’m excited to be using it to launch this online course.

As announced in the first tutorial video, I’m holding a video contest for a consultation package. Online video is a great way to bring exposure for your business, so I’m daring you all to make one!

50 spots in Summer Business School will be available for sale during the “launch period” of July 20-27th only, but in the meantime check out the video tutorials at If you like these fun videos, you’ll LOVE the course!!